Last week I attended a Tide Coldwater sponsored event hosted by the
Momtrends team.

It was an awesome event hosted on a rooftop in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The
view was amazing! The group of women who attended were fascinating.
The cocktails and finger foods were yum!

Tide is working on reaching their goal of converting 70% of
all washing machine loads to cold water by 2020. Join in and go cold!
Hot water washes squander energy and contribute to
greenhouse-gas emissions. Cold water washes prevent shrinking
and fading of colors. Tide Coldwater is specially formulated to
clean clothes without the hot/warm water, so load in for a cool time.

Check out: Alexandra Shook of - the girl hiding behind the camera in the image above.  Thanks to Alex for inviting me to this event.

A shout out to for a wonderful event! A quote from Nicole Feliciano below that encompasses what MomTrends is all about. 

From high heels to strollers — I help moms stay in tune with all things stylish and cool.
—Nicole Feliciano